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The first Electrogals show happened in 1995 at Mills College in Oakland, when composer Heather Perkins gathered a group of female electronic musicians for a show at the Mills Concert Hall. In 2004, Heather put on another Electrogals concert as part of the Sound/Craft music series at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft. In the spring of 2008, Heather Perkins, Mary Wright and Christi Denton put on the third Electrogals concert at Holocene in Portland, filling both stages with an amazing lineup. Electrogals 2010 took place at Disjecta in June 2010, and featured a roster of 17 artists in collaboration, realizing compositions by composer and Electrogals founder Heather Perkins. Electrogals 2011 will be the fifth in this series of showcases for women who have immersed themselves in this art form.

Electrogals became a non-profit organization in 2010.

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