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2011 electrogals festival

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October 2011 Festival: Gals Gone Wired

Monday, October 10 through Saturday October 15: Electrogals 2011 Festival at Disjecta

Disjecta is located at 8371 N Interstate Portland Oregon next to the Kenton/N Denver Max Station

This festival of electronic music and digital art by women takes a giant leap - expanding on last year's incredible show, we will have a week-long gallery exhibition of sound art, featuring sound installations, a listening station where you can hear music from composers from around the world, and workshops and classes, culminating in two nights of music, video and performance. It's gonna be EPIC, people!

This will all take place at Disjecta in October of this year - the gallery show is schedule to run Oct. 11-13, and the concerts will be October 14th and 15th.

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Click on schedule to download larger version2011 Schedule

Monday Oct. 10th
7pm - Stephanie Rearick - Time-banking workshop & mini-concert ($5 suggested donation)

Tuesday, Oct. 11th
12-7pm - Installations (free)
3-6pm - Composer In Residence - Heather Perkins - 3-6pm (free)
7pm - Natasha Kmeto - Mini-show & Ableton Live workshop ($5 suggested donation)

Wednesday, Oct. 12th
12-7pm - Installations (free)
7pm - Christi Denton, "Making Music on the iPad" workshop ($5 suggested donation)

Thursday, Oct. 13th
12-7pm - Installations (free)
7pm - Bonnie Miksch - Lecture on "Women in Electronic Music" ($5 suggested donation)

Friday, Oct. 14th
12-5pm - Installations (free)
Evening Show 8pm - admission $15-$20

  • Ayako Katoaka (filmmaker)
  • Ilima Considine (filmmaker)
  • Bonnie Miksch
  • Sylvia Hackathorn
  • Cheetah Finesse
  • Marisa Anderson
  • Briana Marela
  • Heather Perkins
  • Tender Forever

    Saturday, Oct. 15th
    10am - Pamela Z artist talk ($5 suggested donation)
    12-5pm - Installations (free)
    Evening Show 8pm - admission $15-$20

  • Kavita Bali (filmmaker)
  • Ilima Considine (filmmaker)
  • Christi Denton
  • Silk & Olive
  • Portable Morla
  • Momilani Ramstrum
  • La Pump
  • Lovers
  • Pamela Z

    Installations include Composers-In-Residence, works by Stephanie Loveless and Perri Lynch, and a Listening Room featuring works from all over the world.

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