electrogals 2008

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All Women - All Electronic

April 10, 2008
Holocene - 1001 SE Morrison, Portland, Oregon
Doors at 8:00, show at 8:30 pm
$7 at the door - 21 & over

Phone: 503.284.7779
Email: electrogals08@gmail.com

Featured performers for Electrogals 2008:
Bonnie Miksch
Cheetah Fitness
Christi Denton
Lyn Goeringer
Marianne Messina
Rasheeda Ameera
Sugar Short Wave

Curatored by: Heather Perkins and Mary C. Wright

Poster [pdf]

Electrogals 2008 will showcase female electronic music performers from the West Coast, featuring synthesists, experimental soulstresses, sonic explorers, deep listeners, circuit benders, and beat manglers. The evening will boast an eclectic lineup of talent, embracing a wide range of styles, from beat-heavy song forms to abstract noise-generated soundscapes.

Although there is nothing inherently manly about creating or performing electronic music, the female electronic musician is something of a rare bird. Electrogals 2008 is the third in a series of showcases for women who have immersed themselves in this art form.

The first Electrogals show happened in 1995 at Mills College, when composer Heather Perkins gathered a group of female electronic music composers for a show at the Mills Concert Hall. In 2004, Heather put on another Electrogals concert as part of the Sound/Craft music series at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft. It was clear that Electrogals was the beginning of something great. This year Heather and co-curator Mary Wright have expanded the with a larger venue that will offer food and drink. Electrogals 2008 will not disappoint.