electrogals 2008

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Performer Bios:

Bonnie Miksch is a composer and performer whose music embraces multiple musical universes, creates both acoustic and electroacoustic works. Her computer music and vocal improvisations have been heard in Asia, Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States. Lately, she has been busy creating collaborative video works with husband Christopher Penrose. Recent notables include the Atlanta Concert Artists' release of "man dreaming butterfly dreaming man," a work for violin and piano. On most days she can be heard whistling or singing in the overly-resonant passageways of Lincoln Hall at Portland State University where she teaches composition, theory, and computer music.

Cheetah Fitness is a solo act created by the artist purley as a vehicle for artistic expression. She combines heavy beats with textural samples of voice, keys and sounds that layer into a rhythmic hypnotism. Cheetah Finess is currently recording her first album titled "Where my cell phone at?"

Christi Denton is a composer and sound artist. She graduated from Mills College (Oakland) in 2000 with a degree in Music Composition and obtained a graduate certificate from the Centre de Creation Musicale Iannis Xenakis in 2004. She's worked on several installations in San Francisco, including building giant wind chimes in the Castro district and amplifying exhibits in the Exploratorium. Her arrangement of Lou Harrison's King David's Lament for Jonathan was performed by the SF Opera Singers and SF Gay Men's Chorus at Other Minds 9. She played in Electrogals 2004, and her collaborative piece, merge, has been featured on flasher.com and in the Spark Electronic Music Festival in Minneapolis. Her recent accomplishments include breaking her back and watching all of Season 2 of the Golden Girls on DVD.

Lyn Goeringer, featuring ExO SkeL: Best known as a Theremin player, electronicist Lyn Goeringer began working with her current interface, ExO SkeL, in the spring of 2007. ExO SkeL is a glove mounted gesture tracking device that allows her the ability to control audio, video, or both during live performance. She began working with electronic music in 1998, and began performing live gesture based electronic music in 2003. Since that time, she has performed throughout the United States with her various self created electronic instruments.

Marianne Messina, a.k.a. Heuron: A web editor and theater reviewer, Marianne Messina,is normally on the other side of the stage, so to speak. Her subterranean endeavors include writing soundtracks, most notably for Shifting Visions' recent documentary film, "Venus, Priests, and Superwomen," which is now on DVD and going out to Women's Studies departments at a University near you. She occasionally plays in a jazz trio -- piano, trumpet, bass -- where she stays hidden behind the grand piano. Electrogals 2008 will be only the second performance of the electronica show out in the wide open world.

Rasheeda Ameera: Experimental Soulstress...

sugar short wave is a Portland based musician, engineer, producer, and film maker originally from Kentucky, who moved west for a taste of life and some sweeter sense of sound. She maintains an openness towards creation through her own patented sensory delay method of rehabilitating music structure for a tuned and well adjusted audience. Intricately arranged pieces are recreated line by line as the multi-instrumentalist plays and loops upright bass, guitars, keys, beats, purrs, and breath into song. Film is a passion, and given the right opportunity and space, sound and image collide. Each show sugar short wave arranges is different than the last, because as she would say "Predictability should be avoided."

Curator Bios:

Heather Perkins is Composer, Sound Designer and Mad Scientist at WaterDog Studio in Portland, OR, where she creates music and sound for multimedia, video, film, games, theater, dance, installation and live performance. Heather is also a producer, consultant, teacher and creative collaborator. She has an MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College in Oakland. She has two 20-year-old newts. She's currently working on multiple collaborative projects with wilkes/barber choreography, sound work for ad agencies, a large-scale music and video project, several live solo electronic performances, and two solo CDs - "Telekinesis Nanette" and "Little Humans."

Mary C. Wright is a composer whose works tend toward the theatrical and whimsical. Since her childhood she has been inspired by situations that embody visual, spatial and sonic elements, including 1960s head shops, tunnels, parades and sublime artistic and natural creations. She holds degrees in music composition from California Institute of the Arts and Princeton University.